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What is Nonstop Gospel? Nonstop Gospel is a new internet radio station that is flourishing rapidly, by the grace of God. We are proud to see that the spirit of the Lord is blessing individuals Worldwide through our broadcast.

The main objective of Nonstop Gospel is to promote and introduce true and positive gospel. With a 24/7/365 stream of gospel tunes and sermons, we want our listeners to be exposed to life changing messages by today's anointed and sanctified preachers, along with moving songs by the latest names in gospel today. Nonstop Gospel makes use of the Internet to minister to those who utilize their computer to explore for spiritual help over the Internet, to bring the lost to Jesus and help them know that God has the answers to all of their crisis, to strengthen the faith of Christians and help them grow in grace and in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Christian Outreach Chat Rooms offer personal ministry at the point of a person's need or problem. Daily Sermons, and Great Gospel Music to help people get into the Holy Bible and gets the Word of God into their heart. Non Stop Gospel offer interaction between Christians from countries all around the world.

In these ways and more, Nonstop Gospel (NSG) uses the computer and the Internet to meet these goals:

1. Minister to the lost and hurting.

2. Edify the online Body of Christ.

3. Witness to the love of God, as revealed in the Lord Jesus Christ, and give testimony to Him throughout cyber-space and all around the world.